Somalia and the disgusting conduct of Mr.’Faroole’

[Faroole1.jpg]It would be interesting, I think, to be able to peer inside the sub-conscious mind of Mr. Cabdiraxmaan ‘Faroole’, the current president of the Puntland State Authority of Somalia. Surely, I say, this man must be tormented—whilst he sleeps—by the realisation that the betrayal of a brother has its own unique rewards? I refer specifically to his recent betrayal of his Somali brethren who hail from the ancient lands of Ogaden clan. When his administration collaborated with senior Ethiopian intelligence officials—whilst on Somali soil—in the brutal torture of Ogadeni men then in the custody of the Puntland State Authority, did Mr. ‘Faroole’ bat an eyelid? So vicious had been the treatment of these captives, that one of the men in question actually lost his life.

Somali musings: December 2009 -

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