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Documentario sull’Africa Orientale.

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Ethiopia and Kenya’s secret plan to subvert Somalia

imageEthiopia and Kenya’s secret plan to subvert Somalia

The transparency website WikiLeaks late on Tuesday disclosed a secret plan to annex and divide Somalia between Kenya and Ethiopia.
“Somalia has become a fertile ground for the interest of a lot of countries,” the cable that originated from the Saudi Embassy in Djibouti outlines. “At the current moment in time, there are a number of countries in Somalia, some of whom have noticeable pull.”

According to the documents leaked by WikiLeaks, Somalia will be split into “four regions”—two that will belong to Ethiopia, two that will belong to Kenya. The division will make both countries extend their territories by roughly 300,000sq km and additional populations of about five million.

Ethiopia and Kenya have mobilized thousands of their troops into Somalia as part of the U.N.-mandated African Union forces AMISOM to support the Somali government in its fight against the armed group, al-Shabab.However, WikiLeaks has it that the two countries pursue a much more ambitious agenda than it is officially stated. It further suggest that Kenya is said to have trained young men from the areas around Kismayo to help them win allies. The document states that Italy stands with Kenya and Ethiopia on this.

According to the cables, the Saudi Ambassador in Djibouti didn’t hide his annoyance regarding what was going on between the Prime Minister Abdi-Weli Muhammed and the regional President Abdul-Rahman Muhammed Faroole and Ambassador Augustine Mahiga, the UN’s man in Somalia. The Ambassador described Augustine as being the merchant of the Somali conflict, who was aiming to institute power-sharing in the incoming government by dissolving the current parliament and calling for a re-election of 225 members who would be chosen (so as) to ensure that the AbdiWeli is elected President and Faroole as a Prime Minister, says the undated memo.

Neither Ethiopia nor Kenya have reacted to the Wikileaks cable on the alleged project to swallow Somalia.

Somalia has been without an effective central government since warlords toppled dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991 and then turned on one another, carving much of the country into armed camps ruled by violence and clan law. The government, which includes warlords linked to the violence of the past, was established with the support of the United Nations to help Somalia emerge from anarchy. But the body wields no real power and it has no military.

WikiLeaks’ memo provides a glimpse at how far Saudi Arabia will go to ensure Somalia adheres to positions in line with the Kingdom. A Somalia delegate is scolded for not voting on a resolution on the humanitarian situation in Syria like Saudi Arabia had wanted. The 61,000 Saudi cables, the first tranche of 500,000 promised by Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, also show the Saudi’s sharp focus on its strategic rival Iran and the revolution in Egypt, and support for allies and clients in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East.

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No Country Left for Ethiopians? – An Africanist Perspective

No Country Left for Ethiopians? – An Africanist Perspective

An Africanist Perspective
Initiative on Innovation, Development, and Evaluation

imageAuthor’s Note: My commentary this week follows last week’s comment on the collapse of Karuturi Agro Products, Plc., in Gambella, Ethiopia. In 2010, the T-TPLF handed over 100 thousand hectares of land the infamously “iconic land grabber” Sai Karuturi and “cancelled” its “land rent contract” earlier this month.

On the heels of the Karuturi debacle, it is now being reported that the T-TPLF is ready to hand over “725 km length of Ethiopian land covering 250 square kilometers with about 600,000 acres of fertile lands” to the Sudan. (For a map of the area of land expected to be handed over to the Sudan, click here.)

I am not at all concerned about the legal consequences of any T-TPLF border land giveaway (excuse me, I meant “border demarcation”) to the Sudan, Karuturi or any other land grabbing scammers. I was not concerned when the T-TPLF handed over up to 300 thousand hectares to Karuturi. I predicted Karuturi would flop in 2011, and Karuturi flopped spectacularly in 2016.

I am not now concerned about the T-TPLF handing over “600 thousand acres” to the Sudan today. I shall predict that deal will also flop twice as spectacularly as Karuturi’s. I subscribe to the bedrock international legal principle of “nemo dat quod non habet (“no one gives what he doesn’t have”). It is not up to the gang of thugs in the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front to give away Ethiopian land. Nemo dat quod non habet. A robber cannot pass legitimate title to his stolen loot to anyone. Continue reading

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HORN OF AFRICA OBSERVER – Xayle waxaa uu Maabka ka raadinayay in Soomaali ka maqan tahay ama iyada oo qaybo badan ah ay ka muuqato. weli ubadkiisii ayaa ka radinayo Mapka, welise uma suura galin in ay ka helaan. … Gobeey liic oo ha jabin miyaa?, Haddii aad gunta hoose arrinta ka fiiriso mar kasta soomaalidu waxa ay qabtay mideeynta 5ta. waxaase jiray dana kale oo lagu hor istaagayay, ama qofka Soomaaliga ah la gaarsiinayay in uu arragtidaa 5ta ka quusto, iyadoo xaalado laga abuurayo gudaha laguna maldahayo tan caalamiga ah ama tan geeska Afrika. Continue reading

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HornOfAfricaObserver- Somali government must remain vigilant of the changes taking place in Ethiopia. The Oromo student protest against a government proposed Addis Ababa master plan has now spread in all over the Oromo region. Under the master plan, the government wants to evict Oromo farmers in order to expand the capital city. The Oromo who make up the single largest ethnic group in Ethiopia and have been marginalized by successive Ethiopian governments view the master plan as a prelude to take their land away without any due process of law. As a result of this illegal take over, the Oromo students have begun to peacefully protest in their university dormitories. The Ethiopian government who does not tolerate any opposition has unleashed their forces against students, killing over two hundred and placing thousands in jail. The Oromo leadership affiliated with the government and those who are in the opposition camp have both condemned the killings of their innocent students. Nevertheless, the students have vowed to continue their protest until the government abandons their plan. The students have the backing of their people in the Oromia region who have joined in the protest too. The latest reports indicate that some of the roads leading to Oromia have been closed by the protestors. The Oromo regional police have also started to show their reluctance to harm their own people. The government has brought federal police forces from other regions to safeguard their interest. There is no doubt that the situation can get out of hand momentary if the situation does not change.

Continue reading

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Inaguration of H.E John Magufuli | Album by Uhuru Kenyatta

imageToday Margaret and I, together with President Robert Mugabe, President Yoweri Museveni, President Paul Kagame, President Joseph Kabila, President Jacob Zuma, President Filipe Nyusi, President Edgar Lungu and Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, among other leaders, joined our brothers and sisters in Tanzania in witnessing the inauguration of the country’s 5th President, Dr. John Magufuli. H.E. Magufuli’s inauguration will in no doubt further and strengthen the relationship that our two countries enjoy. Kenya and Tanzania have a long history of co-operation dating back to pre-independence days and the East African Community has furthered our relationship for greater possibilities in the areas of exchange of goods, labour and capital within the region. It is always a defining moment for the region and the continent when elections are done peacefully and administrations change within an atmosphere of cohesion and tranquility. God bless Kenya and God bless the entire East African Community.

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Nella foto il presidente degli Stati Uniti, Barack Obama, durante il suo discorso di ieri nella sede dell'Unione Africana ad Addis Abeba.

Nella foto il presidente degli Stati Uniti, Barack Obama, durante il suo discorso di ieri nella sede dell’Unione Africana ad Addis Abeba.

Il presidente Usa a fine corsa ha toccato temi consueti (democrazia, diritti, lotta al terrorismo) sia in Kenya che in Etiopia. Nella sede dell’Unione africana ha affermato che la Costituzione di un paese è inaggirabile. Anche quando vieta candidature ad oltranza.

Che Barack Obama, al termine della cena del 26 luglio a Nairobi con il suo omologo kenyano Uhuru Kenyatta, e di una giornata ricca in incontri e avvenimenti, si sia abbandonato alla danza della Lapala scendendo in pista con i componenti del gruppo afro-pop Sauti Sol, non deve meravigliare più di tanto. La sua anima africana porta in sé il ritmo della danza… Ma a ben guardare, il video non è poi parso così «scatenato» come qualcuno ha scritto. I problemi del continente non permettono certo di abbandonarsi completamente alla pazza gioia!
Obama, lo avevamo capito subito, non ci teneva molto a sottolineare le sue radici kenyane. Sembrava anzi volerle ignorare. Politica interna americana oblige! Torna quindi a “casa sua” e al suo 7° anno di presidenza, quando ormai i giochi sono fatti. Nel frattempo, l’entusiasmo del popolo kenyano che in lui si identificava (“abbiamo un kenyano presidente degli Stati Uniti!”) ha avuto tutto il tempo per scemare. E poi, che cosa di speciale ha fatto Barack per il paese di suo padre? E ora siamo ai saluti finali.
Ci è piaciuto, invece, che abbia dedicato almeno qualche giorno ai due paesi visitati, prendendo tempo, senza andare velocissimo. Bene ha fatto anche a richiamare al rispetto dei diritti di tutti, dato che questo “rispetto” non è manifestamente al top degli interessi dei capi di stato africani! Ma è doveroso riconoscere che i problemi della maggioranza dei kenyani sono ben più immediati e costringenti di quelli di alcune minoranze. E non sarà certo Obama a risolverli. Continue reading

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