Tel Aviv Marathon


The annual Tel Aviv Marathon is underway here in Israel, following up on the Jerusalem Marathon just two weeks ago. Luckily, the runners have a bit better weather in store. No rain or gusty winds like the athletes had in hilly Jerusalem.  If you were to go into Tel Aviv today, you would find the streets packed with runners about to take off.

Runners are treated to a great tour of the city of Tel Aviv throughout the marathon course. Here they are at the starting line:
During the marathon’s 26.2 miles, the runners will pass through a portion of their run over the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv in the middle of Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv’s “Central Park” so to speak.
Passing through Tel Aviv side streets and near the Tel Aviv Port are also sights along the way for marathon runners.
And of course, as much is evident, portions of the marathon will be right by the waters of the Mediterranean, the Sea upon which Tel Aviv rests.
Here are pictures of last year’s winners, coming in around 2 hours and 45 minutes. Simply amazing! I think it would definitely take me at least 5+ hours, if not more. I’m not interested in finding out anytime soon. Good luck to the runners out there today!
Even if you don’t get excited about marathon events, something to smile about is the fact that marathons are usually planned during the time of year when the weather is most mild and springlike, on its way to the most beautiful temperatures of the year. So with that in mind, it’s exciting to know that warm daily weather is literally just around the corner!
If you didn’t make it out to run in this year’s marathon, there’s always next year. Yes, they’ve already got the date: March 15, 2013. See here for details.
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