American Chronicle | Shabab Leaders are from Somaliland. leaders from the Northern Somalia are mainly to blame for destroying Southern Somalia.As far as The Southern Somalis are concerned, the people who are destroying Somali are from The Break away republic OF Somaliland who wants to entertain international recognition. Perhaps the Southern Somalia´s woes and wars; are the efforts of people from Somaliland who want to achieve international recognition for Somaliland. There has been no time for political settlement in the south, rehabilitation or reconstruction. The- population from southern Somalia have scattered around the world and Most do not know where their loved ones are and whether they are still living or dead. They live in fear under a heavy Shabab military presence, led Axmed Cabdi Goodane, also known as Moktar Ali Zubeyr Godane the Amir of Shabab who is from Somaliland. according

American Chronicle | Shabab Leaders are from Somaliland.

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