Somali Intellectuals Demand of Sheikh Sharif to Resign Now and Avoid Terrible Punishment

The presence of the gullible and inexperienced Sheikh Sharif as TFG president does not reflect the wishes and the interests of any Somali.The only exception in the aforementioned rule is made by the few Somali warlords and Mafia leaders who used to be bribed by the racist Neo-Nazi Amhara Abyssinians and act according to foreign Anti-Somali interests.Apart from them, not a single Somali supports the pseudo-sheikh who calmly and unrepentantly plunges the entire Somali Nation into unprecedented discord, extreme misery, and unconditional capitulation to the Illustrious African Muslim Nation’s most barbaric, most racist, and most iniquitous enemies.The devastation triggered by the person, who shamefully presented himself as saviour in Asmara in order to be proven as destroyer in Mogadishu, is immense.The previous fake president of Somalia, Abdillahi Yousef, was not a sheikh, did not involve the religion of Islam into politics, and did not have the posture of the grand redeemer. He promised very little and delivered nothing; unfortunately, for the entire Somali Nation, there was worse.

Somali Intellectuals Demand of Sheikh Sharif to Resign Now and Avoid Terrible Punishment -Read more –

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