Eritrean Diaspora Money and Al Shabaab

Below, you will see a report by Raffaelo Pantucci (03/19/2010) that states both Canada and Britain, following the example of Australia, Norway, Sweden and the United States, have now added Al-Shabaab to the list of proscribed terrorist organizations. Implied in this proscription is: “It will now be illegal to fundraise or support al-Shabaab in both nations.”Eritreans in Diaspora who support the Isaias regime might say, “So what?” Well, at least, they cannot say now they have not been forewarned. The UN has clearly established that Eritrea is the main financier and supporter of Al Shabaab, a close affiliate of Al Qaeda, in the region. And we know where all the money is coming from: from Diaspora Eritreans. Various fund-raising schemes, from 2% “taxes”, to festivals to me’kete fundraisings are used to generate hard currency for the regime, which in turn it uses to support all kinds of terrorist groups in the region. The indirect nature of this money flow doesn’t exculpate the source of this illegitimately procured money, especially now that the link has been made clear for everyone to see.

Eritrean Diaspora Money and Al Shabaab -Read more –

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