The enemy of my enemy is not my

A few months ago, I had a lively debate with a friend of mine regarding the relationship few Ethiopians in the opposition camp are establishing with Mr. Issaias Afeworki. My friend who I didn’t see for a long time, and whom I knew for more than 30 years was debating ardently in support of these individuals. Though I was surprised with his view, I was more mesmerized by his justification than anything else. After my recent postings on Ethiomedia website, among the barrage of e-mail’s I have got one was my friend’s email. Once again, he wanted to share his “wisdom” why it is essential for the opposition to be under the wings of Asmara. Though I was thankful for the time he took to enlighten me, I found similar justification from some of the comments made regarding the position I took. One more time, I wanted to go public why it is wrong to ally with Issaias with the concept of “The enemy of my Enemy is my friend”.

The enemy of my enemy is not my -Read more –

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