IssaiAss Afeworki: A friend of Ethiopia?

I know it is not April and no one is playing April the fools’ day. It seems that some in the Ethiopian Opposition camp and particularly those in the cyber arena are infatuated with a crazy idea of “Shabeya freeing Ethiopia”; and they seem to have a party that is making them foolishly drunk. Thanks for the party but I cannot dance with them.Though this crazy idea is not born in the Diaspora’s cyber womb, it is mindboggling to read serious people entertaining such a possibility. Let me state it at the outset that I am an Eritrean by birth and have several cousins who hold high positions in the Eritrean government; among them is Mr. Semere Ressuom, the former Eritrean ambassador to the United States and the current Minister of Education in Eritrea. Let me also make it clear that my family was victimized by the regime in Ethiopia simply because of our ‘Eritrean heritage”. During the 1998 cruel war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, my mother and my then 9-year-old niece were deported to Eritrea in a cruel manner.

IssaiAss Afeworki: A friend of Ethiopia/ Read more –

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