Hear Me Out, Mr. President!

http://somaliswiss.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/sheikh-sharif-sheikh-ahmed3.jpgPresident Sheikh Sharif: You and your presidency have made it to one year, despite so many gun sights aimed at you from your own backyard. For this, I must congratulate you. By just being there, if nothing else, you are a resisting-symbol to the forces of evil, which—try as they might—are unable to take Villa Somalia! This by itself is a psychological defeat to Satan the cursed one!But, if you want to expand your horizon from the one, two or three buildings under your control, you must understand only fellow Somalis—your people—can make this happen. However generous foreigners are to you and your government in military, monetary and moral support, none of it can replace the vital support of your people. After all, this problem is theirs. It has been for the last 18 years! With good, selfless-leadership, which is what has been missing, Somalis are ready and willing to tackle their persistent problems.

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