Failing Better the 2010 Election

We have a historical obligation to keep alive the spark of democracy that Ethiopians ignited in 2005, and for which many lost their lives and freedoms. Every conceivable opportunity, however bleak the circumstances may be, must be seized. Only with such persistence will the crushed democracy of 2005 be reborn stronger. One such moment is looming ahead of us: the 2010 elections. True, the TPLF/EPDRF has made it clear that it will fabricate another electoral victory. It has muzzled Ethiopians with laws, decrees, codes of conduct, and its omnipresent security forces. Nevertheless, now is not the time for pessimism, defeatism, or cynicism. On the contrary, the more the regime is determined to fabricate its victory, the more we must search for and grasp every occasion that undermines it. That’s why the 2010 elections must be exploited for every opportunity, however small it may be, to advance the cause of democracy. Not to do so, may bring solace to the cynic but it retards the advent of democracy.

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