Report from Special Prosecutor

Communism might have yielded to being past history but its cruel effect is still haunting humanity in several countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America which are still digging to lift themselves up from the mud. As part of this effort, reportedly soon after the down fall of the Dergue, the Woyanne Government established a Special Prosecutors’ Office (“SPO”) charging it to prosecute the Dergue Junta officials. The international community knows this and other similar processes as Transitional Justice. Purpose of Transitional Justice The International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) does not consider transitional justice as a special form of justice but justice adapted to societies transforming themselves after a period of pervasive human rights abuse. In some cases, “these transformations happen suddenly; in others, they may take place over many decades.” Observers continuously attest that in Ethiopia whatever has been done under TPLF has not helped in healing the past wounds; rather, it created new wounds. The approach that emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s, mainly in response to political changes in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe and to demands for justice is a far cry from achieving a real result in Ethiopia because the approach taken by the rest of the world doesn’t come close to the one which has been conducted by TPLF.

Report from Special Prosecutor

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