What is going Puntland

The present situation in Puntland worries many Somalis as well as international community, the area has recently witnessed increase number of planned assassinations and organised crimes. This is not what people have hopped before a year ago when Puntland went through smooth power transfer. Currently administration led by Faroole made their manifesto for the election: security and economy. During the time of President Cade, Puntland law enforcement weakened and people were expecting Faroole would strengthen and enhance it. That hasn’t happened and in fact the situation got worse than it was.Situation in Puntland reminds many Somalis how Mogadishu was 4 years ago when, daily assassination without knowing who is behind were common. Here I will try to go through the reasons I believe things are getting wrong in Puntland.

What is going Puntland

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