Something is rotten in the state of Ethiopia!

Anti-Ethiopia tyrant Meles Zenawi and Sudanese dictator General al-BashirEthiopians are clearly under a mercenary rule. The problem is as simple as that. But the ‘philosophy’ of the educated makes the simple fact complex. Examples of misleading conclusions abound in the writings of many well-meaning compatriots. Some describe Meles as a Leninist bound by the concepts of “Revolutionary Democracy” (Dagmawi), or a dictator in the same basket with Emperor Haile-Selassie and Col. Mengistu H. Mariam (Golto Aila), and still others define the ruling clique as a Tigrian minority regime (Genet Mersha). These are very misleading conclusions because Mr. Meles and members of his hardcore inner circle are neither Leninists nor dictators. They are profoundly anti-Ethiopian elements who first infiltrated TPLF to help consolidate the secessionist war of Eritrea against Ethiopia, but ended up seizing power in Ethiopia, and hence mercenary. (Photo shows al-Bashir of Sudan (R) and Zenawi, who has ceded a 1600-km of stretch of land to Khartoum. With the blessing of Meles Zenawi, a Sudanese army has burned several farm settlements, and taken Ethiopian farm workers as prisoners).

Something is rotten in the state of Ethiopia!

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