As the Ethiopian national electi

Ethiopia: Mass Arrest of Oromos in Many Parts of Oromia | OMRHO e.V/OHRROAs the Ethiopian national election is approaching, another wave of mass arrests is intensifying in various parts of Oromia region. According to OHRRO’s correspondents, right from Oromia, the scale of the mass arrests is an all-out action all over the region. But, first, precisely because of the widely spread nature of the mass arrests and, secondly, because of the extremely tight control and monopoly of information by the regime, OHRRO’s sources of information could not come up even with a reasonably partial lists of the arrested.It is generally reported that the arrest campaign is largely concentrated in eastern and central part of Oromia.In Hararge alone, it is estimated that more than 500 people have been arrested in only two consecutive dates 14th and 15th January. The arrested are from all walks of life, with no discrimination of age, gender or occupation. About 350 of the arrested are from Haroomaaya locality while the rest are reported to be from Kombolcha, Dadar, Karroo, Dhangaggoo and Qarsaa villages of the Hararge region. Among those from Haroomayaa, two senior university students of Computer Science were mentioned in their first names as Gaadisaa and Beekamaa, both of whom were reportedly abducted by the regime’s security forces from the university campus under extremely confidential circumstances. It is also reported that a 7th grade pupil named Caalaa was shot dead by the local security forces in the town known as Qarsaa. Two more students named Toofiq Aliyyii and Abdujabbaar Aliyyii, most likely brothers, were also shot and severely wounded. Their whereabouts is not yet known, because they have been taken away by the TPLF authorities in order to keep the incident secret from the public under the pretext of medical treatment. It is reported that these shooting cases have caused uproar and a serious social unrest in the community as this has been testified by an escalating confrontation between government forces and the community at large.

As the Ethiopian national electi

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