Alemayehu G. Mariam: Ethiopia: The Future of the Future Country, Part II,%20logo1.jpgGet Breaking News Alerts * Share * CommentsReinventing Ethiopian PoliticsAristotle wrote that “man is a political animal” to suggest that the defining characteristic of human beings is involvement in the civic life of their communities. Today, many Ethiopians across the board are strangely disengaged and alienated from Ethiopian politics. For the “alienated majority”, the disengagement is justified. They liken Ethiopian politics to a driverless bus, a pilotless plane or a freight train careening down a steep gorge without an engineer. People are starving. The economy is in shambles. Human rights violations are widespread. There is no rule of law. Corruption is endemic; and misery is a fact of daily life. Many have given up on politics believing that the country is in the iron clutches of “evil forces”, and pray for rescue through divine intervention. The average person in Ethiopia is a walking tale of woe and misery. A good segment of the civically active and potentially active community in exile is turned off by what they perceive to be the politics of endless recriminations, accusations, labeling, name-calling and finger-pointing. Ethiopian “Diaspora” politics is viewed by some as an exercise in self-indulgence at best, and not infrequently cannibalistic.

Alemayehu G. Mariam: Ethiopia: The Future of the Future Country, Part II  -Read more –

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