AMISOM Troops not professional! to eyewitnesses, two white Toyota landcruisers driven by Somali militants posed as United Nations aid workers, approached the Halane UN headquarters adjacent to Mogadishu Airport on Thursday, 17 September. Calmly they explained to the AMISOM Officers manning the entry-gate that they were to attend the security briefing between AMISOM top commanders and Somali security officials. The militants disguised as UN personnel and their bodyguards, drove snow-white 4WD landcruisers hoisting the United Nations flag; made a perfect stop in front of the gate to convince the officer in charge they were aid workers. They spoke in perfect English! After some explaination, the officer yeilded and granted access to six suicide bombers into the top security area where high level officials were meeting.

AMISOM Troops not professional! – Read more

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