New Year Message to patriotic Ethiopians | Abbay Media

As the New Year of 2010 approaches, I am triggered to write something to my beloved patriotic friends and comrades whose love and devotion to Ethiopia is as strong as diamond. For many reasons the year 2009 has immensely inspired many patriotic Ethiopians to take uncompromising step in the struggle for territorial integrity, freedom and Ethiopian unity. Though patriotic Ethiopians have been in the battle for the last 19 years, even though we feel our country has been taken by traitors and tribalists, still we live with the undying spirit and courage to take back what has been stolen from us. What has been stolen from us are our country, our national and territorial integrity, our unity, our flag and above all the spirit of Ethiopianness in our own soil. We have been humiliated by Meles Zenawi and his tribalist politicians, soldiers and supporters since 1991 to this very moment.

New Year Message to patriotic Ethiopians | Abbay Media

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