Zenawi’ political vendetta will not slow quest for freedom

On November 19, 2009 the kangaroo court of the ethnocentric regime in Ethiopia passed a “guilty verdict” against General Tefera Mamo and another 40 defendants. Five days later, on November 24, the “federal prosecutor” who also is Zenawi’s henchman in the court, asked the kangaroo court to pass the death penalty against 38 of the defendants. Yesterday, December 22nd, as instructed by Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia’s politically charged kangaroo court sentenced five of the defendants to death and 33 others to life imprisonment. As he repeatedly said during his trial, trying to save Ethiopia from the looming dangers of the bantustan type ethnic rule of the TPLF regime was the only “crime” of General Tefera and his co-defendant

Zenawi – Read more………………..

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