Tell President Obama: Don’t turn a blind eye to Ethiopia

Michael PosnerThe tribal junta in Ethiopia led by Meles Zenawi is a close ally of the U.S. Government. Meles is being accused of crimes against humanity by all international human rights organizations. He is currently carrying out genocide in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia. Meanwhile, the U.S. Gov’t continues to give hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance to this genocidal regime. When the U.S. Congress tried to pass a bill restricting U.S. aid to Ethiopia’s regime unless human rights conditions are improved, the U.S. Department of State fought hard to kill the bill, and it succeeded. So my question is, why does the State Department continue to fuel the Meles regime’s violence and repression against the people of Ethiopia with hundreds of millions of dollars, most of which go to buy weapons? – Elias Kifle

Tell President Obama: Don’t turn a blind eye to Ethiopia

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