UN, AU, US, UK, EU, IGAD: Responsible for Somalia’s Dire Humanitarian Situation

https://i2.wp.com/www.huriwaa.com/huradmin/pictures/3895.jpgBy imposing their unacceptable and unrepresentative puppet Sheikh Sharif on the Somalis, by provoking the heroic Somali resistance against the barbaric AMISOM soldiers, and by forcing the impotent clown Sheikh Sharif to defend his absolutely illegal position, the global community bears full responsibility for Genocide against the Somali Nation.The international community, by waging a direct war against the existence of the Somali Nation, demonstrates the striking absence of Law, Justice and Morality in the sphere of international politics.This undeniable reality will trigger thunderous reactions of unprecedented dimensions because in and by itself, it justifies every reaction – involving all possible existing means – from the part of any individual. While I will expand on the consequences of the criminal act currently perpetrated in Eastern Africa by the UN, AU, EU, US, UK and the Neo-Nazi bogus-institution IGAD in further editorials, in this article I republish several recent IRIN reports that bear witness to the prevailing dire humanitarian situation in Central and Southern Somalia.

UN, AU, US, UK, EU, IGAD: Responsible for Somalia’s Dire Humanitarian Situation

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