Somalia: Donors Should Address Accountability | Human Rights Watch

* Ensure adequate vetting of TFG security forces: Members of the new security forces should be vetted to ensure that they have not been implicated in serious human rights abuses. Donors should support creating an independent vetting mechanism to remove and exclude members of the security forces responsible for serious human rights violations and should condition their support on acceptance of such a mechanism. Vetting should only be carried out by entities whose track records demonstrate the capacity to carry out the exercise in a credible manner. * Fire the police commissioner: TFG Police Commissioner Abdi Qeybdid has been implicated in war crimes and serious human rights abuses, both during and prior to his tenure as commissioner. Under his stewardship, police abuses have been rampant, with no effort to halt abuses or bring those responsible to justice. Removing Qeybdid from his post is a necessary step to demonstrate the TFG’s professed commitment to more accountability in the police force.

Somalia: Donors Should Address Accountability | Human Rights Watch

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