Merkato Blog – Ethiopia – Washington Update is a crude political tool for the Meles regime. Grudging toleration of their rule is the minimum price of food. Right now millions of Ethiopians face the choice of supporting the regime or seeing their families slowly starves to death.There are solutions that can deal with this. One ameliorative thing we can do is to provide food aid via Congress and USAID on an expedited basis similar to the way the Congress under the leadership of the late Henry Hyde (R-IL) did earlier in this decade.But for a long term solution mere food aid is not enough. Ethiopia requires a comprehensive development program focused on the needs of all Ethiopians. It should seek to use the resources of the Blue Nile and Awash rivers to foster the introduction of extensive agriculture. The projects would also yield electricity via hydroelectric power benefitting wide areas of Ethiopian life. Merkato Blog – Ethiopia – Washington Update

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