Pan-African coalition condemns j

The stark and agonizing starvation is directly and squarely lies on the laps of Meles and his party, TPLF, which has ruled Ethiopia for nearly two decades with an iron hand by controlling every resource including land, telephone, Internet in this rich but forsaken country. Yes, forsaken by its own leaders for thousands of years, where the people have been deprived of their land and their political rights by various succeeding rulers. Of course, this regime pales to any other in its cruelty and stupidity in management of resources or basic knowledge of economics.It has been obvious for the majority of Ethiopians that the regime has been a disaster economically and politically for the country, but from President Clinton to Bush now Obama are keeping this regime afloat in the believe that it is a stabilizing force for the region despite its corrupt, anti free market and oppressive system.

Pan-African coalition condemns j

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