International Crisis Group – Peace Versus Justice? Understanding Transitional J

The topic I’ve been given is the role of international justice mechanisms in fragile states.The fragile states I’m going to focus on are conflict and post-conflict states, as conflict is more often than not a pre-condition to international justice processes.It follows that I’m going to talk quite a bit about Africa, as it is home to most of the world’s current or recently ended conflicts, and is receiving much of its international justice attention these days. Right now it hosts two international criminal tribunals, in the Special Court for Sierra Leone, and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. It is also the subject of all of the ongoing investigations and prosecutions by the International Criminal Court.This attention is being met by some pretty trenchant criticism from certain African quarters. A number of African leaders have labelled international justice generally, and the ICC and universal jurisdiction in particular, as a Western, imperialist imposition. This opposition has manifested itself in resolutions by the African Union requiring states not to comply with universal jurisdiction warrants, or with the efforts of the ICC to arrest President Bashir.

International Crisis Group – Peace Versus Justice? Understanding Transitional J

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