Ethiopia Prime Minister Meles Zenawi walks at the AU Summit on the outskirts of Arusha, Tanzania, Thursday, May 22, 2008 has lashed out at humanitarian aid donors, accusing them of exaggerating the magnitude of his country’s malnutrition crisis and failing to deliver on pledges of assistance.In a question and answer session broadcast live Saturday on state-run radio and television, the Ethiopian leader had harsh words for what he called the ‘food aid industry’. Mr. Meles accused ‘industry actors’ of deliberately inflating the number of Ethiopians in need of aid, and suggested their motive is more about profit than about saving lives.”It is a huge industry, and this industry are actors who have their own views on this condition. They sell food aid because they can sell it above the market price. They get some rent for it,” he said. “It is to their benefit and their advantage. They are selling their food where food is scarce. The same with those who are transporting food in their ships. And those truckers who get it from the ports to the consumer areas. People take quite a chunk of the benefits from this.”


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