Abugida Ethiopian American Information Center » Peace on the Horn -Jason McLure (Newsweek)

For the past three years, Ethiopia has been Washington’s key ally in fighting terrorism in the Horn of Africa. Its two-year U.S. backed occupation of Somalia led to the ouster of one Islamist government in Mogadishu, but fueled the rise of a more radical group, known as Al-Shabab. But government’s domestic activities have put the most strain on the alliance. The disputed 2005 elections ended with security forces killing 193 demonstrators and the jailing of opposition leader Birtukan Mideksa and more than 120 other opposition figures, journalists and activists. Birtukan was pardoned in 2007 and released from jail, but landed in prison again in December after the government said she violated terms of her release. Many analysts say the jailing had more to do with Birtukan organizing a challenge in national elections next year. NEWSWEEK’s Jason McLure talked with Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin about democracy, Somalia and the durability of Ethiopia’s alliance. Excerpts:

Abugida Ethiopian American Information Center » Peace on the Horn -Jason McLure (Newsweek)

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