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September 25 – New York – AJC expressed grave concern at revelations that Iran has been operating a second uranium enrichment facility, declaring it to be “further incontrovertible proof that any assurances from Iranian leaders about the nature and scope of their nuclear program are worthless.””Whether they are denying the Holocaust or trying to fool us over their nuclear ambitions, it’s clear that lying is what Iran’s leaders do best,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “The discovery of this second facility fits perfectly into the web of deceit which Iran has weaved around its nuclear program. Let’s recall that the regime also tried to conceal the Natanz facility from the outside world. We are compelled to ask: what else are they hiding?”Harris welcomed the unified stance on Iran adopted by President Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh. “It is imperative that all options – most immediately, tough and resolute sanctions – remain on the table in confronting the Iranian threat,” Harris said.To coincide with the UN General Assembly and the Pittsburgh Summit this week, AJC has released a new short film highlighting the danger posed by an Iranian regime armed with nuclear weapons. The film can be seen at

AJC News – American Jewish Committee

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