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As the only recent comprehensive analysis of the political situation in the Puntland State of Somalia, the International Crisis Group’s (I.C.G.) August 12 “Policy Briefing,” “Somalia: The Trouble with Puntland,” is likely to be more influential on the perspectives of Western actors than it would be were it not the only game in town. That is unfortunate, because the briefing is deeply flawed methodologically. The briefing has been widely enough disseminated and sufficiently critiqued, in terms of its factual errors, misinterpretations following from those errors, and bias in favor of particular interests, by Somali intellectuals, that no effort will be expended here to summarize the briefing or to pick it apart any further. Instead, the purpose of the present analysis is to diagnose the failings of the briefing in terms of the criteria of sound political analysis. A methodological critique reveals that the briefing is simply bad political science.

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