Tragedy and Hope: Somaliland’s Political Crisis | SomalilandPress

HARGEISA, 13 September 2009 (Somalilandpress) – We watch on the news and read newspapers about the political crisis going on in different parts of the world. In 2007-2009 there are so many political crises in the world; we can see Honduras, Barma, Thailand and Afghanistan. In some parts of Africa political crisis were tainted in to civil wars, From Somalia to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Sudan sons were bleeding and bullets now replace the rain.But take a minute or may be even ten to think about it. People caught in crisis are just ordinary people who have an identity, real lives, dreams, hopes, fears and desires. They want the same things that you want in life. They want to live peacefully and prosper.Closer to my home, the people of Somaliland are no different. The small child is crying with hunger. Thousands of young Somali Landers are drowned in the seas with little hope in life. Years of neglect and poor leadership, water is precious than the gold. Social infrastructions are dead and functionless. Public health clinics have no medicines and fail to meet the needs of growing people. With out life supporting needs thousands of children spent their coolest nights at the big towns in Somaliland.

Tragedy and Hope: Somaliland’s Political Crisis | SomalilandPress

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