The invincible power of freedom took the Jewish people more than 2000 years of persecution, isolation, and sacrifice to reclaim their rightful God-given land of their ancestors and eventually establish a Jewish State in 1949. The victory marked the end of a unique gruesome case of invasion by foreign power forcing the Jewish people out of their land and scatter all over the world. Israel is now the most powerful force in the Middle East militarily and robust economically. The Israelis were no doubt driven by the invincible power of quest for freedom to establish themselves as a bulwark of democracy in the oasis of hostile environment governed by despots. It is amazing that a small State with population 100 times less than that of its opponents, not to say enemies, could withstand the threat to destroy it. It is a small country in the geographical sense but who would deny that Israel is a strong player in world political arena – sometimes even suspected of setting the agenda for the foreign policy of its strong supporters.

The invincible power of freedom

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