Ethiopia’s Policy Poses Risk of ‘Violent Eruption’ (Update1) –

BloombergThe Ethiopian government’s policy of dividing administration of the country along ethnic lines and its rigid grip on power could lead to a “violent eruption” that may destabilize the country, the International Crisis Group said.The division has “sharpened differences” between groups such as Ethiopia’s Oromo and Somali communities as they compete for local control of natural resources, according to the ICG.“Without genuine multi party democracy, the tensions and pressures in Ethiopia’s polities will only grow” before next year’s elections, the Brussels-based group said in an e-mailed report on Sept. 4.The crackdown by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government following the 2005 federal and regional elections in which security forces killed at least 193 protesters and arrested an estimated 30,000 people, “demonstrated the extent to which the regime is willing to ignore popular protest and foreign criticism to hold on to power,” according to the report.The Ethiopian government will release a statement on the report later today, Wahde Belya, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, said when called by Bloomberg News for comment.After ousting Ethiopia’s former Communist Derg regime in 1991, Meles’s Tigray People’s Liberation Front redrew the administrative regions of the country, basing regional governance along ethnic lines

Ethiopia’s Policy Poses Risk of ‘Violent Eruption’ (Update1) –

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