» Ethiopia: Famine of Leadership Abbay Media: ‘The Ethiopian Information Bank’

https://i2.wp.com/www.abbaymedia.com/Image/Time%20Magazine%20Ethiopia%20Famine%202008.gif“One of the remarkable facts in the terrible history of famine is that no substantial famine has ever occurred in a country with a democratic form of government and a relatively free press.”1 These are the words of the renowned Nobel Peace Prize winning economist Dr. Amartya Sen. His well articulated work establishing the link between undemocratic governance with famine is one of the most significant research findings that sheds light on the causes of famine and starvation.Sean M. Lynn- Jones, Editor of International Security, the International Security Program’s quarterly journal at Harvard’s Belfer Center, concurs with Amartya Sen’s thesis, and he further elaborates on the link between totalitarian rule and famine. He argues, “Most of the countries that have experienced severe famines in recent decades have been among the world’s least democratic.” Such countries include China, Ethiopia, North Korea, Somalia, Cambodia and Sudan.2

» Ethiopia: Famine of Leadership Abbay Media: ‘The Ethiopian Information Bank’

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