ETG: Ethiopia:Why easy for Meles’ regime to rule over Ethiopians?

Why was it easy for Meles adminstration to rule over Ethiopians in the last 18 years? Why even will it be easier to rule for further many decades? If we put it simplified, it is just because of some misguided elites, specially some elites of the two BIG nations aka Amharas (forces of unconditional Ethiopian unity) and Oromos (forces of unconditional Oromian independence). To understand it well, let’s look at the four opposition groups of the elites in the empire:- far right position are forces of unconditional unity, most of them being Amhara and Gurage elites.- middle right are forces of democratic unity, who do persue to realize Ethiopian unity per public verdict aka self-determination, most of them being nations of South Ethiopia.- on the middle are forces favouring democratic CONDITIONAL union of indepnedent nations aka “ethnic” federation per public verdict as AFD seems to have planned. This middle position is that of the alliance between the middle right and the middle left forces. ETG: Ethiopia:Why easy for Meles’ regime to rule over Ethiopians?

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