Merkato Blog – Ethiopia – Revisiting US Policy on the Horn of Africa

Some laypersons in US diplomatic circles are asking “have we used Ethiopia or have they used us?” They believe Ethiopia is using counter terrorism as a means to get cozy with USA. Even though there are legitimate terrorist concerns in the Horn of Africa, they advise that the U.S. must be careful in appeasing the Ethiopian government whose governance and human rights record they do not approve. Contrary to popular belief, the U.S does not have that much leverage with Ethiopia. The notion that Ethiopia benefits from the East Africa Counter terrorism Initiative and the U.S. Terrorist Interdiction Program is miniscule and exaggerated at best. Whether the insurgents in Somalia, the Eritrean or Ethiopian governments, as the players in the Horn are getting smarter in dealing with an infantile US policy that is in an all time disorder, the US seems to have trouble in getting a good handle to the region’s political intricacies. Merkato Blog – Ethiopia – Revisiting US Policy on the Horn of Africa

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