Benadir – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia people of Benadir communities live in the Somali coast, such as Mogadishu, Merka, Brava and Kismayo on the Benadir coast of the Indian Ocean.”Benadir” (also spelled Banadir) are a people with their roots in ancient Arabia, Persia, and south and central Asia. The name Benadir is derived from a Persian word which means “harbor” or “port”, reflecting their origins as sea-faring traders and fishermen who crossed the Indian Ocean to the easternmost part of Africa and established centers of commerce which linked that continent with Asia. The Benadir very much view themselves as native and even founder of Somalia. The Benadir port city of Hamar eventually became Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital. Benadiri are peace-loving people

Benadir – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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