Sheekhaal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (var. Sheikhaal,Sheekhaal, Sheikal, Shikal, Arabic: شيخال) or Fiqi Omar is a Somali clan whose members inhabit both Somalia and the Somali Region of Ethiopia, with considerable numbers in northeastern Kenya. Sheikhal people and Harari people are very closely related by blood as they claim to have the same ancestor. Historically Hararis and sheikhal have had close ties and majority of Hararis have intermarried with Sheikhals. Some Sheikhals, particularly the Aw Axmed Loobage subclan, claim they are part of Hiraab which in turn is part of the larger Hawiye group, while others, such as the Aw-Qutub subclan, dispute this.[2]The Sheikhal clan traces its ancestry to Fiqi Omar, also known as Omar Al-Rida, who in turn traced his lineage to the first caliph, Abu Bakr (Sayid Abubakar Al-Sadiq). According to Richard F. Burton, Faqi Omar crossed over from Arabia to Eastern Africa ten generations prior to 1854, with his six sons: Umar the Greater, Umar the Lesser, the two Abdillahs, Ahmad, and Siddik.[3] Fiqi Omar was the companion of Sheikh Yusuf Al Kawneyn, who together spearheaded a renaissance of Islam in all Somali-inhabited areas of the Horn of Africa around the 13th century.[citation needed] Many prominent Somali Muslim scholars, such as Sheikh Ibrahim Dusuuqi, Sheekh Qudubi and Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Mussa (or Hagi Chadi) came from the Sheikhal tribe.[

Sheekhaal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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